Become Part of the Spirit of Ubuntu


Volunteer Your Skills

Become a Mentor or Coach

Volunteer Your Skills

Be Part of Our Story - Architecture - - Design - - Film - - Fundraising - - Photography - If you're interested in furthering the spirit of Ubuntu, please get in touch with us at Ways to get involved Start an Ubuntu Design Chapter at your university or incorporate the chapter into your already existing club (i.e. AIAS Freedom by Design) and work with us in building a better future for all. If interested please contact us at we would love to work with your university chapter.

Become a UDG Mentor or Coach

Ubuntu is very excited about this program, it will help us create capacities for people to help themselves. It speaks to the spirit of self-sustainment that UDG desires to encompass and encourages others to follow. This program is currently under construction but if you are eager to help please email us at and we will add you to the wait list!
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