Meet the Mtshali Family

“My one desire and constant prayer is a roof over the heads of my family.”


 Their Story... The Mtshalis are a resilient and enduring family. Their father, Nkosinathi, survived a tragic road accident and lost his home to a storm. His one desire and constant prayer is for a roof over the heads of his loved ones. The loss of their home has made it necessary for his family to be split into separate living spaces, and the current shelter which Nkosinathi shares with his wife, Fikisiwe, is cramped and unsafe. They allowed their son to leave and live with another family because they didn’t want to traumatize his childhood with the lasting memory of their miserable living situation every single day. Fikisiwe states, “I lift his father to an outside toilet, I feed him every meal he has, and I bathe him. Everything is difficult and we did not want to subject our child to that.” The couple is receiving a government disability grant, but it does not sufficiently cover their monthly expenses. This means their dream of owning a home that meets their specific needs and caters to their disabilities is currently far from their reach. Fikisiwe shares, “Having a Good Samaritan build a basic shelter for us would mean a lot to us. We would be so happy because we are in need.” This family simply desires to have a safe and happy home for both them and their son. Ubuntu Design Group desires to make the Mtshalis family’s dream a reality. For more information CLICK HERE to check out The Mtshali Project page.
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